The Court of Audit Aruba publishes document with presentations from the XII CAROSAI Congress

Gepubliceerd op: juni 21, 2023

The Court of Audit Aruba has issued the document PRESENTATIONS. This document is a compilation of papers and presentations from the XII CAROSAI Congress, held last year in Aruba. During this high-profile conference, the chairmanship of CAROSAI was handed over to the Court of Audit Aruba for a period of three years.


The central theme of the Congress was “Targeting Superior Audit Impact”. International speakers and the Court of Audit of Aruba presented their insights and expertise on this theme. It was the first time that the CAROSAI Congress took place in a hybrid format, which allowed various auditors from all over the world to attend online.


The Court of Audit looks back on a very successful XII CAROSAI Congress and is very grateful for all the cooperation and support it has received for this congress.


The presentation document provides valuable insights and an overview of the expertise shared during the XII CAROSAI Congress. It has been made available to all interested parties and can be consulted via the website of the Court of Audit as well as via the website

Download document here:

Presentations XII CAROSAI Congress 2022

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